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Broke? Not for this guys!

A flat tire is certainly not our most inspiring moment. It did however spark the creativity of Tim and Winanda from Spoortemonneetje. When they wanted to make a cover for a cycle computer, they thought of using old, broken and flat tires from professional racers. It only took a pretty reliable sowing machine, an excellent chat with Winanda’s dad and lots of tires to create sustainable eyecathers as wallets, bags and more. Ride Out is a huge fan of these hand-made products and loves to tell you more about them. Swing by to have a look at these unique must-haves.

Capital Icons

Many ‘Ooh’s!’ and ‘Ah’s!’ have been heard in our shop while people were looking at the pretty prints of Chris Hall. This can-do-anything-biker specially designed the five most iconic cycling routes around Amsterdam for Ride Out and printed them on 250gram silk tissue paper. Needless to say, that the prints are for anyone who wants to wander off with their favourite tour. The following routes are available; Round Hoep, Round Markermeer, Round Ringvaart, Round IJsselmeer and Round Kopje van Bloemendaal. Sounds like a peculiar gift within hand reach doesn’t it?!

Coffee Table Stories

If our eyes are the gateways to our souls, where would you want to ‘feed’ it? A rather inspiring view is it not?! The breath-taking coffee table books by Mendo are quite the ultimate suggestion, if it’s up to us. The visual stories that Mendo bound together, are truly captivating tales that will keep you enchanted for a lifetime. Naturally, Ride Out is a huge fan of the candy store for book aficionados. Curious what Ride Out has in stock by Mendo? Obviously, you’re more than welcome at Ride Out’s coffee table to feast your own eyes.

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